Understand what the system is to accomplish, what is required


Envision frameworks, structures, interactions. Understand how the system will work


Build, test, and connect the components of the system


The art of effective software

Effective software is born from a strong understanding of the problem to be solved
From the understanding, solutions are crafted, evaluated, and refined
Finally, the software is designed. All that remains is to write and test the code.
Tools used to craft solutions:

  • Microsoft: .NET, ASP.Net, SQL, Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Java, Javascript, jquery
  • Android ADT, Eclipse
  • Hardware Design: ExpressSch, ExpressPCB


Shale Mountain Software is a small, affordable, energetic, software solution development company. By keeping our overhead to a minimum, we are able to provide solid, effective, custom solutions at costs that often have a smaller Total Cost of Ownership than big-box, or off the shelf solutions. We design software that fits your business, so you don't have to fit your business to the software.

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